Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Funky Cakes

Here are a couple of our favs from the past couple of weeks. Fun, Funky & Fabulous!

This Mini 3 Tier Birthday cake was created for a little girls birthday. Her mother called us and described to us what the girl wanted the cake to look like and the colors that she wanted. By the look on the little girls face, I'd say she liked it! We really liked it too! Very fun. Happy Birthday!

This one was created from a description of a Baby Shower invitation over the phone. We didn't actually get to see the invitation so we "winged it". We hope we got it close =). The Baby Shower was at Chatter's her in Pittsburg. Yummy food & yummy cake! What could be better?

Jordan & Chandler Wedding

Turquoise is becoming such a popular color this summer. It is just beautiful. We got the opportunity to create this Cornelli Lace 3 tier Round Wedding Cake for Christina and her fiance Randy. This cake was also sporting the turquoise Marshmallow Fondant similar to the Cuthbertson & Baker Wedding Cake.

They were getting married in Oklahoma so, for the first time, we had to say goodbye to one of our creations before it was completely set up. We left this beauty in the capable hands of Christina and her mother. Here is what she looked like:

Christina emailed to let us know that the cake made it to the reception site in one piece. We were very happy to hear that, since we rigged up the cake for her to travel with already stacked. We travel like this all the time, but this was the first time we handed the cake over to a customer to travel with.

Here is what she had to say, "Everyone thought it was the most delicious wedding cake they have ever had. The fondant was fabulous. I have had it before and I didn't really like it, too chewy, but yours was perfect."

Thank you Chandlers! Congratulations and best of luck to you in the future! Once we get a photo of the cake with the topper we will post it too. Thanks!

"Manly" ManCakes

Here are a few "Manly" cakes that we have created recently.

This one was a Groom's Cake we created for a close friend of the family. His Bride bought these cool toys and we came up with this fun scenery for them out of chocolate frosting and chocolate cake. Everything but the toys were edible.

Here is a close up of the same cake:

If you look close you can see the tracks made by the bobcat. These little toys worked really hard to make this cake look great =)

What is more manly than fishing? Well, probably Superman. BUT, we did BOTH...so, enjoy:

We know you have seen this one before...we'll call it Gone Fishin' Again.

All of these "manly" cakes would be great for a Man's birthday Cake, Groom's Cake, Father's Day Cake, a Just because I love you Dude cake, or whatever excuse you can come up with to order a cake.

Cuthbertson & Baker Wedding

Natasha, the beautiful bride, is my husband's niece. So, over dinner one evening we worked with her to create this wonderfully elegant square Wedding Cake. She let us use our marshmallow fondant all over cake, which isn't something we get to do often. So, we were pretty excited! Her turquoise color looked stunning on this 3 tier cake. We made the top tier taller than the other two to give it an elegant elongated look. The white pearls were added to mimic the pearls worn by the bride. The topper was purchased by Matt & Natasha. It matched the style of the cake perfectly.

We also created these SweetCakes to serve as extra cake once the Wedding Cake had all been served. They were a huge hit with the kiddies. Pink was not one of the wedding colors, but the Strawberry Yumm cake was just too tasty not to throw in there!

Another huge hit at the Wedding reception was the Groom's Cake. We actually searched the web to find a cake like this...just to see if one existed. We didn't find one. AND, we couldn't even find a picture to use as a reference. Heather's step dad did the research for her. He called the neighbor up (who has horses) and asked if he could come over and take some reference pictures. The neighbor really got a kick out of the whole thing. The lengths we go to for realistic cakes! The wonderful Groom, Matt Baker, wanted a "horse poop" Groom's Cake. After a little reluctance, Natasha gave in. So, we created this one of a kind "Horse Poop" cake.

We created the "horse poop" out of chocolate cake. We used dried spaghetti noodles to look like hay with Flies made from raisins and floral wire. The guests at the reception didn't quit know what to think about this cake. The kiddies couldn't wait to eat it! It was very funny watching them all stand to the side of the Wedding Cake while it was being cut waiting for the "Poop" cake. Poor things were practically drooling! How funny!