Monday, August 04, 2008

Rhodes & O'Connor Wedding

We had the privilege of creating a Wedding Cake for an old friend. Kindra has been a friend since grade school. Not only did we create the Wedding cake, but we got to create a unique and fun Bachelorette Party cake as well. BUT seeing how it isn't exactly rated PG we can't post it here. If you would like to see Kindra's Bachelorette party cake, please email us because we LOVE to show it off!

Kindra & Ben have been together for a while now so we are very happy and pleased that they decided to tye the knot! It was an honor to create their beautiful and "fresh" hexagon Wedding Cake.

It was fun helping Angella & Abby cut the cake. It was sort of a disaster (a mess of frosting all over the place) but everyone got cake and we all had fun doing it! We made a bigger mess than Kindra & Ben when they cut the first piece.

They were nice to each other and didn't smear cake in each other's faces. I think they were too pretty to do that to each other anyway.

Not only did we create the cake, we took pics all day as well. We love to take pictures so we had fun documenting the entire day. Here are a couple of our favorites.

A close up of Kindra's necklace & Wedding dress. How pretty.

The girls: Angie Ashmore, Kindra O'Connor & Angela Ashmore (Fox)

Ben's mom looking at the Wedding Dress.

My favorite picture of Kindra standing in the window at the church over the top of the vent trying to keep cool before going outside to meet her groom.

And lastly a stunning silhouette in the window. The beauty in these photos doesn't compare to the the beauty we witnessed all day Saturday. The love between friends, family and most of all, the Bride & Groom. Thank you Kindra & Ben for drawing everyone together for a wonderful, loving day. Congratulations.

Washburn & Sodowsky Wedding

Laura Washburn and Roland Sodowsky were married on July 26th after 13 years of courtship. We were elated to be the ones to create the Wedding Cake. Laura wanted it to be simple & classic but she wanted the flavors to all be different and tasty.

The top two tiers were Vanilla Pecan with a CreamCheese Pecan filling. The third tier was Dark Chocolate cake with a Raspberry filling & CreamCheese frosting. And the last tier consisted of Carrot Cake with a CreamCheese filling & frosting.

This classic cake was topped with a small "Old Fashioned" or "vintage" Bride & Groom given to Laura by her aunt. The cake & topper fit hand in hand.

We think this is our new favorite Wedding Cake. It doesn't get much better than simple & classy. It is fun to bring back vintage looks. Thank you Laura & Roland we absolutely loved creating your Wedding Cake (eating it too)!

Thompson & York Wedding

On this stunning, classical Wedding Cake we worked with Cassandra purely through email. We took a couple different cakes that she liked and combined them together along with their colors and created this beautiful cake.

Cassandra wanted something fun for the Groom's Cake for Winchester so she decided on a coffee mug. Here is what we came up with:

They decorated using these cute candle favors with a tag "The Perfect Blend".

These favors were found at David's

The entire decorations evolved around the color of wine (Burgundy), ivory & Coffee. We thought this was such a wonderful idea and turned out just beautifully. Thank you two and congratulations!

Keopke & Brooksher Wedding Cake

This alternating square Wedding cake was created for Kendra & Matthew Brooksher. They were married on July 5, 2008 here in Pittsburg, KS.

We wish you two all the best and can't wait to create more beautiful cakes for you in the future. Congratulations!

101 Blog Posts!

We don't know about you guys but we think that 101 Blog Posts is some sort of hurdle...right? Well, it is for us! Writing & picture taking & keeping track of it all and then compiling. WOW what a feat! So, anyway, to say Way to Go US! Here are some cool cakes we created in July.

This Indiana Jones Aztec Temple cake was created for Townes Patterson. We built the temple from Square cake layers then added an Indiana Jones toy to the top & the background for fun. We had a really good time creating this one.

Here are some CakeBites that are disquised as SweetCakes! These cute little bites of cake can be packaged as favors for Birthdays, Weddings, etc. We love it when we get to play around with new ideas. This idea was inspired from a Martha Stewart episode. Gotta love that evil Martha!

These adorable SweetCakes with Cherry Bunches & topper cake were created for a Baby shower. They were created to go onto a SweetCake Tower, but we haven't gotten the picture yet. We'll post it when we get it. We thought they turned out very cute.

Again, if you don't see your July cake here and would really like to, please send an email and let us know. There are just so many we pick a few and post them but would be more than happy to post yours if you like: