Wednesday, January 30, 2008


If you are looking for that special Valentine gift, we offer a range of sizes. We have anything from $3.50 up to $18 and more!

Want to supply your Sweetie with enough CakeBites for the entire year? We're game! You place the order and we'll make it so.

DON'T can find Sweet Designs Cakery Products inside Pittsburg Art Supply. Check them out at:

We will have Valentine Gifts throughout the entire V-Day week!

We'll be posting more pictures soon! Scroll down for V-day photos and more info.

A Holly Olly Birthday

Decadent and sweet, a truly delicious confection, this style statement was made special for Holly's Birthday! Two tiers topped with flavorful CakeBites, this cake was as unique as the Birthday girl herself.

Much love Holly! Hope your Birthday was special.

Chocolate your heart out!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bridal Spectacular

Here are some pictures from the Bridal Spectacular I participated in last weekend. The Spectacular was located inside Memorial Auditorium's Convention Center. They asked me to have a small setup in their space at the Bridal fair. Thank you guys!!! What a great opportunity for me. I really appreciate it.

Memorial Auditorium is located at 503 N Pine St. in Pittsburg, Kansas

Or Call them at:(620) 231-7827

You can also find them on the web at:

I would also like to thank Lisa Gilmore from Caylx Custom Floral & Interiors. She designed a one of a kind cake topper of fresh flowers for the SweetCake Wedding Tower. Thank you Lisa! I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Caylx is located at: 1103 E 4th St. in Pittsburg, Kansas

Or Call: (620) 230-0800

I created this crazy SweetCake Wedding Tower for display at the Bridal Spectacular and gave out CakeBites for all the Brides to try. All participants enjoyed them as well.

The Bridal Spectacular was a huge success for Sweet Designs Cakery. We were even spotted in the Morning Sun Newspaper! Check it out at:

Thank you to all the hard workers at the Bridal Spectacular! Good luck to all the Bride and Grooms out there on their upcoming Weddings.

Sweets for your Sweeties

Yes ladies and gents, it is that time once again! Valentines day. The day you either loath or love! It is approaching rapidly. This year, Sweet Designs Cakery chooses to "love" love and embrace the holiday.

We have already started taking Valentine's Day Sweet orders. SO, you better jump on the "love train" and get your order in A.S.A.P.

There are several options for ordering your Valentine Sweets. If your loved one is on a diet still (if they haven't given up the first week after the new year) then you can either demand that they forget their diet for the big holiday or order a smaller quantity. Heck...just order a large order and eat them yourself!

You can order an entire Bucket O' CakeBites that will set you back $18, a small heart bag that costs $5, a mini silver heart with mini cookies for $3, etc. etc. etc. We have ANY size for ANY budget! Just email us and let us know what you would like for your sweetie. All sweet cheeks deserve a Happy Valentines. Also available: SweetCakes, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Decorated Cookies, etc.

Don't forget your mommies boys! Wasn't she your first love?

CALL: 620-231-CAKE

Funky Flower Birthday Madness

Lisa, the owner of Caylx Custom Floral Design in Pittsburg, Kansas, ordered this super cute flower power cake for her daughter Sydney's Birthday. Thanks Lisa!

Alternative B-Day Cake

Instead of the traditional birthday cake these cute Birthday Cake shaped Cookies were made for Ashlyn's 14th Birthday. Her sister Caitlin ordered them for her even though she lives all the way in Kansas City! What an awesome big Sis!