Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Golfing is in the air!

Ha! Yes, golf balls are often in the air. But, this one, was made out of cake and stayed on the board. This Golf Ball cake was made special for Matt's Birthday.

Isabella's First Birthday

Here is a cute cake for a little girls very first birthday! We made these two 10 in cakes to match the party plates and a petite cake for little Isabella to have all to herself.

Baby Shower Beauty

This beautiful pregnant figure was crafted out of fondant with a stencil. Christel Benson created a wonderful Baby Shower invitation with this figure on it and we created the cake to match! We love working with Christel. See more of her work at:
(click on the eye candy link)

Here is the invitation:

Here is the Cake:

And the Cake after scroll work was added:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Colonial Fox Theatre Foundation

Hello everyone! Just a quick note to let you know what is going on with the CFTF lately!!!

There will be a "light clean up day" on April 19th from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. to get ready for the 2008 SPRING Art Walk On Broadway: April 25th from 5-8 p.m.

The idea is to get the ol' gal cleaned up and ready for 2008 tours!

If you would like more information contact:

Vonnie Corsini & Others

You can also check out pictures from the 88 CANDLES BIRTHDAY BASH at:

You can view all the CAkes that were entered in the contest. Pretty awesome!!!

Help out in anyway you can!!! Go to the tours, volunteer to clean, spread the word, become a member of the foundation, give donations, or all of the above! Let's get this "Grand Dame" whipped back into shape and have her open for the community to enjoy!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Japan Bound

Kim Carlson, the Director of Marketing at Pittsburg State University, ordered a special cake for her niece Carmen who is making the move to Okinawa, Japan with her husband Schan for two years. Kim wanted a memorable fair well cake for the couple. So, with some suggestions and inspiration from Kim this is what we came up with:

The image on the top of the cake came from the Manhole covers in Japan. We created a stencil and hang painted the image onto Red Marshmallow Fondant. There were Japanese symbols that stood for Travel on the front and their names and the date on the back of the cake.

We really enjoyed creating this cake! Kim said, "The cake was a HUGE hit! Besides looking fabulous, it tasted even more fabulous. My husband loved it and he is not a cake person!"

A photo of Carmen cutting the cake.

A photo of the happy couple provided by Kim!

Thank you Kim!

My 25th Birthday

We celebrated my 25th Birthday on Saturday along with all the other events! After we finished up Lacey's Wedding Cake, finished the Spidey Cake, and delivered the Colonial Fox Theatre Birthday Cake Roger and I went out to eat for my Birthday.

But, the biggest event of Saturday, and the best gift ever was the signing of the Business Loan papers!!! Finally! I wish I had a picture of the actual signing but I was so busy that day, I forgot my camera! So, needless to say, construction started on Monday and we are moving forward with the CAkery!

Throughout all of the other cakes for Saturday I managed to make my own birthday cake. We didn't get a picture of it before we cut it...but here is one after.

This was a "Spiced Up" cake with an Irish Creme filling covered in a Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Fondant. I used edible coloring and luster dust to paint fun swirls and Happy Birthday on it. Happy Birthday to Me!

Colonial Fox Theatre B-Day Cake Contest

The Colonial Fox Theatre Foundation held a Birthday Party/Benefit Concert/Cake Contest Saturday April 5th. Sweet Designs Cakery participated in the 88 Candles Birthday Contest with this cake:

There were 3 categories for the CFT patrons to choose from in a Professional Division and Amateur. "Best Decorated", "Most Creative", and "Best Tasting". The concert attendees all had a chance to vote and after a short wait CFTF officials announced the winners and thanked all participants.

In the Amateur Division:
Best Decorated- Stephen Sealey
Most Creative- Wendy Strukel
Best Tasting- Joann Triplett
Berna Bolte

Professional Division:
Best Decorated- Sweet Designs Cakery (
Most Creative- Sweet Designs Cakery
Best Tasting- Sugar Shack/Sweet Greens
Celebrations by Lori (
Just Desserts Cafe (
Wendi Piccini
Ron's IGA

As you can see we won! We were very excited and very thankful! We spent a really long time constructing and planning for this cake. Here are a couple of sketches:

We constructed the Film Reel from a 10 inch single layer Strawberry Yumm cake covered in Marshmallow fondant and Royal Icing for accents. Little images/scenes were hand painted on each film still.

On top of the 10 inch we put an 8 inch round, double layer Classic Chocolate cake with an Irish Cream filling covered in Red Marshmallow fondant. We hand painted the rows of seats on the 2nd tier. A wedge was cut from the 2nd tier to construct the famous "Fox" Marquee. In our opinion the CFT wouldn't be the same without the Marquee so we wanted to really make it a "piece of the cake".

The popcorn bucket was constructed using smaller square Classic Vanilla and Classic Chocolate layers with buttercream filling covered in a white Marshmallow fondant. The stripes and text were also hand painted with edible coloring. The stars and Clap Board were constructed from Marshmallow Fondant.

We got our inspiration from one of the cakes in the April Mail Box News cake magazine. From that inspiration we came up with our own version and adapted it for the 88 Birthday Candles Cake Contest. Everything on the cake was edible but the FOX letters on the Marquee. We made some out of Royal icing but they broke and we didn't have time to make new ones! We opted to use real popcorn instead of making it from fondant because the popcorn smell is such a staple for the theatre.

We were so happy to hear about the contest so that we could continue to support the foundation. We were founding members of the organization but had to step away and focus on our own lives. So it was really nice to be able to focus on our own life while supporting such an awesome cause in Pittsburg.

Thank you to all who voted on our cake! We appreciate it. All of the cakes were awesome! Someone pointed out that each cake was unique, and I agree. They tasted great as well! I have provided links to the other professional contestants (if they have links) if you would like to see the cakes that they created. You can't miss the huge fox cake from Just Desserts Cafe!

The Lacey Cake

Lacey Page and Zach Ledwich tied the knot Saturday April 5th. I can remember a year ago when Lacey asked if I would do her Wedding Cake. After several emails the cake came to life! We really hope she liked it...we thought it turned out simply elegant. Lacey's father constructed the Cake Stand...very awesome! It is amazing what ordinary, everyday materials can turn into with a little imagination.

Amongst the cake table were these adorable favor boxes and table decorations:

Lacey also ordered this Golf Ball Groom's Cake for Zach as a gift.

Thank you Lacey for another amazing cake to add to our portfolio! We look forward to working with the happy newly weds for all of their future sweet needs!

Rock Band Madness

This cake was created for a Rockin' Birthday a while back. I just found the pictures the other day so I thought I would write about it. The boys look like they had a lot of fun with the cake. Thank you to Rachel from Pittsburg Art Supply ( 231-1004)! We are still learning all the new "hip" games the kids are playing these days!

Spidey Strikes Again

Here is another Spider-Man cake done for our nephew's Birthday Party. This time Spidey wasn't made of frosting, but of a plastic picture that could be taken off the cake and hung in the window. It's fun for kids to have something extra from their cake. We hope everyone enjoyed the spidey cake. Happy Birthday Alex!