Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another Illustration Brought to Life

Stephanie Gemino, a fellow cake decorator, has brought another illustration to life. And, she used my design to do so. This turned out very cute Stephanie! Thank you for sharing.

You may view more Cakes by Stephanie at: www.myspace.com/kenoshacakelady

Monday, August 20, 2007

Wedding Cake Design Pro

YES! We have it! I purchased this amazing 3-D Cake building software when i was at the ICES conference. It is awesome. If you are not sure how you might want your cake to look, just set up an appointment with me and we can build your cake on this software. It is set up for Wedding cakes, but we can do ANY cake you want. After we have designed your cake like you want it, I'll print it for you to see.

To my knowledge we are the only cake decorating business who has this software in this area. So, check it out!

Girl Scouts & Chocolate

What better way to celebrate your birthday than with chocolate cake, chocolate frosting and the Girl Scout logo? Okay, so the chocolate everything probably sounds way better to everyone than the Girl Scout logo, but that is what Samantha wanted! Happy 13th Birthday Samantha.

I remember being in Girl Scouts. It was a lot of fun. Camp Mintahama is where a spent a big part of my summers as a youngin'. I learned to synchronize swim, canoe, sing silly songs, and I even got my certified Sailing certificate. Good times...I recommend Camp Mintahama to any young Girl Scout.

I've lost track...oh, so making this cake was extra fun for me. Although...my husband gets tired of hearing my camp stories. I hope you enjoyed your cake as much as I enjoyed making it Samantha. Thanks for ordering Gail!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Not so Dora :(

Well, what can I say? You can't win them all. This Dora cake was difficult for me! I just could not get Dora's eyes right! Peggy, the awesome lady who ordered the cake, reminded me that it was for a three year old. She said that she wouldn't mind. But still, I like them all to be near perfect! Sorry Peggy. I'll just have to try again. You win some, you lose some...and you just keep trying!

Thanks for letting me use you as a guinea pig Peggy. I do have to say, I love the rest of the cake!

Cotrell/Wade Wedding Finally!

I finally got the pictures of this Wedding Cake! Sorry for the wait. My sister took the pics and I NEVER see her anymore (she's a teenager)! This cake was done solely by my mother. I was away at the ICES conference (see details below).

The cake turned out really simple but elegant. Mr. & Mrs. Wade, we hope you loved your wedding cake! Way to go mom! It's beautiful.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Longest Baby Shower in the History of Baby Showers

Yes, this baby shower was about two hours long! It is the longest one I have ever been to. There were around 40 people give or take a few. The guest of honor was one of my very good friends, Angela, who is having her first child. We decorated in a jungle theme using stuffed jungle animals as center pieces on the tables and paper confetti around them. It turned out really cute for not a lot of $$$ on the decor.

Angela got lots and lots of presents and even got embarrassed a little. We made her change a dolls diaper blind folded. The whole sha-bang! Clothes, powder, desiten, diaper, etc. It was funny. We concluded that the best part of baby showers is getting to embarrass the mom. It's a crowd pleaser every time. We highly recommend this to future baby shower hosts.

Below is a picture of the cupcakes I decorated for this special occasion. They were simply chocolate with chocolate frosting and jungle animals on top. Simple and sweet. There is a close up of one of the Giraffe cupcakes (Angela's favorite). A little blurry, but you get the point. I think the photographer was drunk or something?

These mints were made by the step-grandma and Angela herself. They turned out REALLY cute! Even though Sweet Designs Cakery did not make these...we can if you would like!

2007 ICES Conference in Omaha

My husband and I, yes I said my husband and I, attended the 2007 ICES (International Cake Exploration Society) Conference in Omaha, Nebraska a couple of weekends ago. You might think that I had to drag my husband by his ear to this. Nope, he was supportive and made it through the entire Conference with me! We only went one day, but one day was plenty for a newbie. We looked at lots and lots of cake tools, new inventions and tasted lots of frosting! At one of the demonstrations my husband even made a fondant rosebud. Pretty impressive! Later on he turned it into a turtle. I guess rosebuds aren't his thing.

Here are some of the cakes that were in the Cake Gallery. There were cakes from all over! The yellow, green, pink and orange one was from Kansas! Maybe you'll see one of my cakes in the Cake Gallery some day!