Monday, August 20, 2007

Wedding Cake Design Pro

YES! We have it! I purchased this amazing 3-D Cake building software when i was at the ICES conference. It is awesome. If you are not sure how you might want your cake to look, just set up an appointment with me and we can build your cake on this software. It is set up for Wedding cakes, but we can do ANY cake you want. After we have designed your cake like you want it, I'll print it for you to see.

To my knowledge we are the only cake decorating business who has this software in this area. So, check it out!

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T. Burke said...

hi there i am wondering if you can help, i have had my wdding cake pro deleted from my system when i upgraded memory and have been trying to contact toppelstone to re download it but they will not reply, do you know how to get in contact woth them? i have all the licensing and passwords but my download link wont work anymore, i only bought it in march and am shattered!!! if you can help me at all that would be brilliant, regards T. Burke
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