Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Longest Baby Shower in the History of Baby Showers

Yes, this baby shower was about two hours long! It is the longest one I have ever been to. There were around 40 people give or take a few. The guest of honor was one of my very good friends, Angela, who is having her first child. We decorated in a jungle theme using stuffed jungle animals as center pieces on the tables and paper confetti around them. It turned out really cute for not a lot of $$$ on the decor.

Angela got lots and lots of presents and even got embarrassed a little. We made her change a dolls diaper blind folded. The whole sha-bang! Clothes, powder, desiten, diaper, etc. It was funny. We concluded that the best part of baby showers is getting to embarrass the mom. It's a crowd pleaser every time. We highly recommend this to future baby shower hosts.

Below is a picture of the cupcakes I decorated for this special occasion. They were simply chocolate with chocolate frosting and jungle animals on top. Simple and sweet. There is a close up of one of the Giraffe cupcakes (Angela's favorite). A little blurry, but you get the point. I think the photographer was drunk or something?

These mints were made by the step-grandma and Angela herself. They turned out REALLY cute! Even though Sweet Designs Cakery did not make these...we can if you would like!

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