Thursday, March 27, 2008

Update on the Cakery I always say when people ask, "It is coming along". What else can you say? We have a new Glass front door, we've started painting the facade, replaced 2 of the front windows (we left the 3rd for the sake of history), the Electric is all updated and ready to go, we've torn out the old carpet and now we are waiting for the loan fairies to give us money so that we can do the rest!

Hopefully all of that will be next week. As you all know, these things take time...and most always take more time then you think. We're hoping that once we officially sign papers it will only take a month or two before we open the doors to the public. So, lets keep our fingers crossed.

I'm sure there will be plenty of painting and cleaning to do in the near future if anyone has some free time on their hands and would like the honor of working on an old building! Just let us know!

We'll start a new blog for the building its self as soon as things start happening. That way we can keep you all up to date!

Thank you for hangin' in there with us on the long wait! If we needed your support in the past we will definitely need it when we open! Too bad there are bills to pay...right? Being a grown up sucks =). But at least I'll be doing what I love!

I know that Broadway only has one "d" and not two...but right now, I'm too lazy to fix it!

Wild Cat Birthday

This sheetcake was decorated for a K-STATE student's Birthday. Justin's grandma (and mine) ordered this special cake for him! Even though my husband groaned as I was piping the Wild Cat logo, he said that it turned out nice when I was finished. He thought I should be doing a KU cake since they are the best (in his opinion) and are going all the way. My response was that if someone wanted to pay me to do a KU cake...I would gladly take them up on the offer. You can't be too bias in the decorating biz =).

Below here is another Cake N a Jar that I made to match Justin's Birthday cake and gave him as a b-day gift.

I don't think he really knew what to do with it at first...but hopefully he figured out that it is Cake and you can eat it! Happy Birthday Justin!

Birthday Cake N a Jar

In a Jar? YES, in a jar. Here are two Cakes N Jars. We layered cake with frosting, coconut and almonds into these cute little jars for two of our niece's birthdays.

We are pretty sure they were happy to have their very own dessert to themselves (they have a big family and usually have to share).

Some might think that Cake N a Jar is a crazy idea, but it seems to be going over well. They are just enough dessert for one person, they travel well, and they keep longer. Everyone should have a Cake N a Jar! If you are interested we will hopefully be selling them in the future. We will also have several flavors to choose from like Banana Split, PB & J, Tropical Storm, etc. If you have an idea, please let us know and we would love to experiment! They make awesome gifts for holidays, birthdays, Wedding Favors, and anything you can think of because of the endless colors and versatile decoration. We can ship them as well! Spread the Sweet Designs Cakery love across the world!

Who is that man in the apron? Mmmmm?

Well, that is ROGER! But better yet...who is that pesky rabbit on the counter? That's gotta be some type of health violation. We didn't even see the bunny rabbit sitting there! Darn Rabbit! I thought Rabbit's ate carrots or something...not cookies. (oh, I could go on for hours about this. I don't like Rabbit's who steal cookies when your not looking. Bakers beware of cookie thievin' Rabbits!)

Anyway, some how I conned Roger into helping me decorate the Easter cookies we took to his parents house. (I'm pretty good at conning him into things, just ask him).

And here is the final result:

These turned out so cute. We are calling them Petite Cookiewiches. They didn't last 2 minutes on the plate after we walked in the door. And just so his mom knows...he even rolled the dough and cut some out too!

For those of you who are getting married...these petite cookiewiches would make adorable favors for your guests. We can make them in any color! (Who knows...I might even con Roger into helping me again!)

70th Birthday Blow Out!

It was Roland's 70th Birthday and Laura, a great poet and friend of Roland, decided that he needed a funky birthday cake.‏ So, she called us and here is what we cake up with (with suggestions from Laura of course).

Simple but funky this square cake was the highlight of a little girls night. Laura said that a little girl by the name of Isabel (6 yrs old) fell in love with the green frosting and had 2 huge pieces of cake. We hope she saved some for everyone else! =)

Along with the Birthday Cake Laura ordered some of our Petite SweetCakes. She wanted the "Spiced Up" flavor (our flavors can be found on our myspace page under the blog titled Flavor Flave) with funky, bright colored flowers on each one. And here they are now! (ta da...this blog is magic!)

We created these awesome edible sculptures once before for an art opening in Kansas City and they went over very well. We made them to accent the artists work. We are way happy that they are continually enjoyed and sought after. However, this time, the fondant tasted WAY better! Why do you ask? Well...we made it ourselves!!! That's right...home made fondant.

If you know anything about fondant you know that you CAN NOT buy fondant that tastes good (unless it is chocolate) no matter how expensive it is. SO, we did some research and found a recipe (from another awesome baker) for fondant made from Marshmallows. That's right...MARSHMALLOWS! Heck yeah, who doesn't like the Mallows? Well, I take that back...some people don't. BUT, once they are made into the fondant they are pretty darn tasty. We can flavor the fondant ANY flavor (our favorite is kool-aid flavored fondant for kid's cakes) and color it any color! WE ARE IN LOVE with this stuff. AND, our Chocolate fondant tastes like Tootsie kidding! So, if you have been jaded from your past Fondant experiences....TRY OURS! Please! This stuff is just WAY TO COOL not to use on your cake.

Now that I got way far off the subject...THANK YOU Laura for letting us re-create one of our favorites, and for letting us use our new found love (fondant...duh...not chinchillas) on your sweets! We had fun!

What is a Grandma to do?

What in the world is a Grandmother to do with 4 birthdays all at the same time? Janet, the grandma I am speaking of, decided to give each of her special grandchildren a cake of their very own for the combination birthday party.

This flowered round cake was for one of the girls who likes Pink and flowers.

This square cake was for a little boy who likes to bowl!

This round cake was for another grandaughter who likes the color purple and butterflies!

And last but not least, a Spidey cake for one of the Grandsons!

Thank you Grandma Janet for giving us the opportunity to do such a variety of themed cakes for a combo Birthday Party! We hope everyone enjoyed the cakes and the cookies!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just Desserts Cafe Is In the House

Hello everyone! This is not a blog entry about my is about the newest Sweet addition to Pittsburg's Downtown! Just Dessert's Cafe, owned and opperated by Whitney Sealey (with help from her hubby) is located at 107 E 8th right here in Pittsburg!

Yes, that is right...another wonderful place to shop! Sweet Designs Cakery would like to give a warm welcome to Whitney at Just Desserts Cafe and wish her well in her Sweet Venture as a new Pittsburg business owner. Just Desserts Cafe is in my house, make it be in yours!

I wouldn't be writing about her desserts if I hadn't tried them myself. She gets to see me a lot. It is nice to have sweets that you don't have to make yourself.

Whitney carries a variety of items. Such as: Inside out cakes, Mini Chocolate Ganache Cakes, White Chocolate Ganache Cakes, Barozzi, Cheesecakes (many different flavors), an assortment of Filled Chocolates (very yummy), and much more! She keeps her bakery case full of a variety of these items weekly. If there is something specific you want for an event you'll have to contact her in advance. Other than that, just stop in and grab a few of everything!

The Cheesecake is my favorite!!! AND, since we don't make Cheesecake here at Sweet Designs Cakery (we can...we just prefer not to) we are VERY happy to have Just Desserts Cafe as a partner in crime if anyone wants a Cheesecake for their wedding or special event!

Here is a photo of a mini Cheesecake on my favorite new plate!

And here is a photo AFTER I ate a bit of it...

Ummm, Ummm, Good. This 4 inch delight of a cheesecake was very tasty! Thank you Whitney and keep up the good work!
107 E 8th Street
Pittsburg, KS 66762