Thursday, March 27, 2008

70th Birthday Blow Out!

It was Roland's 70th Birthday and Laura, a great poet and friend of Roland, decided that he needed a funky birthday cake.‏ So, she called us and here is what we cake up with (with suggestions from Laura of course).

Simple but funky this square cake was the highlight of a little girls night. Laura said that a little girl by the name of Isabel (6 yrs old) fell in love with the green frosting and had 2 huge pieces of cake. We hope she saved some for everyone else! =)

Along with the Birthday Cake Laura ordered some of our Petite SweetCakes. She wanted the "Spiced Up" flavor (our flavors can be found on our myspace page under the blog titled Flavor Flave) with funky, bright colored flowers on each one. And here they are now! (ta da...this blog is magic!)

We created these awesome edible sculptures once before for an art opening in Kansas City and they went over very well. We made them to accent the artists work. We are way happy that they are continually enjoyed and sought after. However, this time, the fondant tasted WAY better! Why do you ask? Well...we made it ourselves!!! That's right...home made fondant.

If you know anything about fondant you know that you CAN NOT buy fondant that tastes good (unless it is chocolate) no matter how expensive it is. SO, we did some research and found a recipe (from another awesome baker) for fondant made from Marshmallows. That's right...MARSHMALLOWS! Heck yeah, who doesn't like the Mallows? Well, I take that back...some people don't. BUT, once they are made into the fondant they are pretty darn tasty. We can flavor the fondant ANY flavor (our favorite is kool-aid flavored fondant for kid's cakes) and color it any color! WE ARE IN LOVE with this stuff. AND, our Chocolate fondant tastes like Tootsie kidding! So, if you have been jaded from your past Fondant experiences....TRY OURS! Please! This stuff is just WAY TO COOL not to use on your cake.

Now that I got way far off the subject...THANK YOU Laura for letting us re-create one of our favorites, and for letting us use our new found love (fondant...duh...not chinchillas) on your sweets! We had fun!

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