Monday, June 30, 2008

Hampton & Bishop Wedding

This one of a kind Wedding Cake was created for a wonderful couple. We first created a digital picture of this Wedding Cake by combining a few different pictures of cakes that Stacy liked and used their Wedding colors along with our ideas and came up with this:

There was some concern about the guests having black teeth & tongues from the black frosting. However, Stacy decided that it was worth it in order to have such a one of a kind Wedding Cake. We combined Square Tiers with one Round Tier at the top that was 2 inches taller than a normal tier would be to give the cake more height. We created the decoration with Photoshop Brushes and then translated them into real frosting.

The topper 'B' for Bishop, was created with floral wire and pink fondant. The Lilies were left off the final cake.

This picture was taken by Abercrombie Photography Call them at: (620)704-1473 or email: to set up an appointment. Check them out on MySpace and

We really hope you guys liked your cake. It was so great creating your cake digitally and then watching it come to life. We hope having black/purple mouths for a little bit was worth it...we think it would be =)...and would make for some fun pictures!

We also created this Notre Dame themed Groom's Cake for Bryan. This was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. The Notre Dame symbol was done in Butter Creme.

Congratulations Stacy & Bryan. Best of luck in your future together!

Seybert & Dukes Wedding

We set this Wedding cake up at the Lamplighter Inn in Pittsburg for Tracy and her soon to be hubby a few weekends ago.

For this particular cake we took inspiration from a picture that Wesley found on the web. The original cake was created in fondant but this cake was done in ButterCreme. The entire cake was done in Classic Vanilla flavor.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. We hope you enjoyed your Wedding Cake!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Berry Patch....sigh

I sigh, because it just makes me happy to see yet another wonderful business up and running on Broadway! Well, a little off Broadway, but close enough.

The Berry Patch Tea Room is open for deliciousness! The hubby and I visited just yesterday for our 3 year Anniversary lunch. We had a wonderful lunch of Salad and Baked Potato Soup with my favorite...cheesy biscuits! The atmosphere was so cozy and the food made me melt! The best part about this's right around the corner from the Cakery!

Fran knows the struggles of opening a new business and dealing with these old buildings. We formed a bond right off! Here is a photo of Fran featured in The Morning Sun:

You can read the article about her and her shop here:

Good luck to you Fran! You will be seeing us...a lot!

The Berry Patch Tea Room is located at 108 West 3rd Street, Pittsburg, KS
She is open Tues-Fri 10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

One very awesome thing I forgot to mention...
The Berry Patch Tea Room is available for Wedding & Baby Showers, Club Meetings, Birthday Parties, Tea Parties & More! So, all you Brides to be and mommy's to be....spread the word! We know you will LOVE this place!

Branstetter & Heflin Wedding

WOW! Talk about a huge cake! This baby was a 4 tier beauty. She was definitely overweight (don't tell her that!). She probably ate a little too much frosting...that will do it =).

Rebecca, the lovely bride, sent us an example picture of what she thought she might want for her Bridal Cake. With teamwork we created this beautiful, Asian inspired wedding cake fit for a King & Queen. Alone, the cake wouldn't necessarily look Asian, but with the awesome decorations at the reception she fit in beautifully.

Not only did they have this magnificently large wedding cake, it was surrounded by SweetCakes. Yummy! We hope your Wedding day was Sweet & a little sassy. Congratulations you two! We'll see you in 1 year for your Anniversary Cake!

Boswell & Rons Wedding

This beautifully classic Wedding Cake was created for Joy and Barry. They knew exactly what they wanted when I first met with them...well, almost. Only a couple minor changes. Here is the digital rendition:

And this is how it turned out in real life:

We had a great time creating this cake. We had to make a small adjustment when we were setting up the cake because the topper was slightly smaller than expected, but the ladies at the reception sight were very kind and helpful. You guys have some great friends and family!

When dealing with cake, you have to expect the unexpected and be prepared sometimes to do a little MacGyver work (yes, I watched that show when it was on, don't laugh). I always have an emergency bag with me when I set up and a few tricks up my sleeve if I need to use them. If anyone watches The Ace of Cakes, then you know what we mean. BUT, thank god, our cakes DO NOT fall apart like his do! Ours always turn out great, no matter what the problem.

Thank you two so much for choosing us to create your wedding cake. We hope you have a wonderful life in California! Please, next time you are down our way, stop in and say hello (hopefully we will be open =)...hah!). Eat some good cake while you are there though...they have awesome bakeries!

Cott & Newell Wedding

It is the start of that crazy time of year...Wedding Season! What better way to start off the season than with this awesome wedding cake? Yes, to some of you, you will not believe your eyes. Those who are stuck in the old school of Wedding Cake thought will think this cake is a little out there. But, for you funky Brides, and wanna be funky Brides, you will love this. A classic 3 Tier, Round, Stacked with a twist on color.

Molly, the Bride, also presented me with a taste challenge. She wanted Lime Green, Cherry MMF (our home made Marshmallow Fondant) covering a Classic Vanilla cake with a Marshmallow Fluff filling (cherry flavored as well). Talk about messy! But OH SO YUMMY! You see, Molly doesn't really like the traditional frosting and didn't even want a filling. But, everyone knows, a Wedding cake has 3 layers of filling within each tier and it just didn't seem right for there to be nothing there. So, we came up with the Marshmallow Fluff filling. It was a huge mess while we were construction the cake (very sticky) but it turned out in the end. We love experimenting, so this was an especially fun cake.

Molly didn't limit her creativity to the cake. She went all out with the decor as well. These were our favorite, and a very smart/inexpensive Wedding favor:

She, and I'm sure many friends and family, wrapped chocolates that you can purchase at any store with address labels that she printed with a picture of the couple and the date. What a smart cookie!

The Bridal Cake was quit an eye catcher all alone, but Molly wanted her man to have something just as great. We created this Oakland Raiders Groom's Cake for the Groom. The surprise was in the cake. It was a PB & J Cake. YES, Peanut Butter and Jelly cake. Who doesn't like PB & J? We covered the entire cake with Peanut Butter and put a layer of jelly as the filling and then coated it with matching MMF. This Groom's cake was definitely one of a kind!

Congratulations Molly & Bo! Thank you for letting us be a part of your life! Good luck in your future!

A Time for Everything

There is a time in everyone's life when they must retire. Whether they retire a pair of tennis shoes, a favorite pair of pants that are getting a little too snug, or a Job (I know, big difference, huh!). Life changes, it is inevitable. But, when life changes one gets to have new experiences. So, those of you who are thinking of retiring...DO IT! What better time than now to make a change in life. Go buy a new pair of tennies and see where they take you! We know your old Tennies will miss you dearly, but they will be happy to know that you are walking tall, and turning a corner in a new chapter in your life. (Am I still blabbing about tennis shoes?)

Oh, to the point, here are a couple retirement cakes that we have created recently. Congratulations and best wishes to those of you who have made, or will make this tough decision to change up your life. One good thing we can think of...there will be more time for Sweets!!!

This 2 Tier, stacked, Round Cake was decorated with BC frosting for Diana who retired from the Pittsburg State University Athletic Department recently. We really hope you liked your fair well cake. We sure did.

Here is another Retirement cake we created for Susie with a Tropical/Beach theme. Susie retired from Lake Side Elementary. We hope you enjoyed your party at Barto's (Frontenac, KS). We know everyone will miss you. Best of luck in the future!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Here Comes Baby!

This time of the year is also very popular for having Baby Showers AND having babies! Here are a couple of our faves...

Polka Dot Sugar Cookies were made to match invitations for a Bridal Shower held at Crossland Construction in Columbus. Here is the invitation:

One of our favorite customers, Angela, ordered these delicious cookies and some CakeBites for her co-workers to enjoy and celebrate a new life.

Another Baby Shower cake created this past month featured a scene from the invitation, something we really like to do with our cakes. Our friend Abby ordered this cake and let us use our MMF frosting. We loved this because we got to paint with edible shimmer dust on the cake (see the swirls). We love trying new techniques! Thanks Abbs.

Another Benson Cake! Christel is such a wonderful person, she inspires our cakes and we are always delighted to create one for her. The ladies in the Continuing & Graduate studies office at PittState surprised Christel with this one of a kind confection. Whenever we delivered Christel's last sweets to her house, she showed us the babies room. It was so cool! So, when her co-workers asked us to create a cake for her, we jumped at the chance. This cake was inspired by the babies room. Thanks again for another wonderful opportunity for a cool cake!

May Birthdays

Once again, we will only be featuring a few of the B-day cakes we created during the month. Here they are...

This fun 50's/Elvis inspired cake was created for Anna P. We won't say how old she is, wink, wink. We used our homemade MMF (the teal that you see) and flavored it with a coffee flavoring to compliment the chocolate cake underneath. Her daughter LaShawna ordered this awesome cake for her as a surprise to go along with her surprise b-day party at Brick Town (111 N Pine St. in Pittsburg) next to the Miner's Memorial. What a great idea to celebrate a birthday. Thank you ladies!

It's Elmo time. This cute Elmo themed cake was created for a friend of the family. Happy First Birthday Nathaniel and many, many more to come! We hope your party didn't get rained out at the park =(.

Curious George in the house! We created this Curious George themed cake for some old friends. With mom being a teacher and dad being an artist, Curious George only seems right as a theme, with the abundance of prime colors and all. This was a very fun cake. Our thanks go out to The Olivers!

More prime colors! This small cake was created for an artists birthday. We know this cake does NOT in any way live up to the amazing work the birthday boy creates, but we hope he enjoyed it anyway. Thanks for thinking of us Patrick!

Fooled you....this isn't a cake! It's Braden B. at his birthday party eating his cake. Rewind, here is one before the cake was cut:

Now here is a close up of the cake.

This was created to match Braden't birthday invitations that his mommy made. They were super cool. She can make your party invites too.

Last but not least, something to giggle about... here is one of Will with pieces of SweetCake clinging to his mouth, escaping the tunnel to his tummy.

May Madness

We know, it is usually March Madness...but in the cake biz May was pretty mad with graduation orders among others. Here are just a few of the Graduation cakes that we created this year.

This 10 inch Round Chocolate cake with Chocolate pudding filling was for a proud Pitt State graduate, Kent. Congratulations Kent! You finally did it!

These Petite SweetCakes were whipped up for the Lake Side Elementary 5th Grade Moving On Celebration held at Memorial Auditorium. From what we hear, they were all devoured. Way to go Lake Side 5th Graders!

This might not look like a graduation cake, but it is! A little un-conventional, but super cute. Everyone Celebrating Sam's Graduation got a little surprise when they ate their cake. Marisa told us they all had black tongues but had a lot of fun taking pictures and making fun of each other. Definitely a memorable cake! Congrats Sam.

This large SheetCake was made just for Kelsey. It was her birthday to. What a celebration! Way to go Kelsey!

Last but not least, we have another PittState graduate. This fun 2 Tier stacked cake was created for Whitney. We had a lot of fun with this cake. Thanks Whitney and best of luck in the future! Hope you are ready for the "real world".

Like we said, these are just a few cakes we did during such a hectic time. If you don't see your cake on here, it doesn't mean we didn't like just means that we just don't have the time anymore to put every single cake on here. If you have a special request, we will definitely get it on here for you.

Congratulations all 2008 Graduates, whether from the 5th Grade or College we are proud of you all!