Tuesday, June 03, 2008

May Birthdays

Once again, we will only be featuring a few of the B-day cakes we created during the month. Here they are...

This fun 50's/Elvis inspired cake was created for Anna P. We won't say how old she is, wink, wink. We used our homemade MMF (the teal that you see) and flavored it with a coffee flavoring to compliment the chocolate cake underneath. Her daughter LaShawna ordered this awesome cake for her as a surprise to go along with her surprise b-day party at Brick Town (111 N Pine St. in Pittsburg) next to the Miner's Memorial. What a great idea to celebrate a birthday. Thank you ladies!

It's Elmo time. This cute Elmo themed cake was created for a friend of the family. Happy First Birthday Nathaniel and many, many more to come! We hope your party didn't get rained out at the park =(.

Curious George in the house! We created this Curious George themed cake for some old friends. With mom being a teacher and dad being an artist, Curious George only seems right as a theme, with the abundance of prime colors and all. This was a very fun cake. Our thanks go out to The Olivers!

More prime colors! This small cake was created for an artists birthday. We know this cake does NOT in any way live up to the amazing work the birthday boy creates, but we hope he enjoyed it anyway. Thanks for thinking of us Patrick!

Fooled you....this isn't a cake! It's Braden B. at his birthday party eating his cake. Rewind, here is one before the cake was cut:

Now here is a close up of the cake.

This was created to match Braden't birthday invitations that his mommy made. They were super cool. She can make your party invites too. www.FunXionology.com

Last but not least, something to giggle about... here is one of Will with pieces of SweetCake clinging to his mouth, escaping the tunnel to his tummy.

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