Monday, June 30, 2008

Hampton & Bishop Wedding

This one of a kind Wedding Cake was created for a wonderful couple. We first created a digital picture of this Wedding Cake by combining a few different pictures of cakes that Stacy liked and used their Wedding colors along with our ideas and came up with this:

There was some concern about the guests having black teeth & tongues from the black frosting. However, Stacy decided that it was worth it in order to have such a one of a kind Wedding Cake. We combined Square Tiers with one Round Tier at the top that was 2 inches taller than a normal tier would be to give the cake more height. We created the decoration with Photoshop Brushes and then translated them into real frosting.

The topper 'B' for Bishop, was created with floral wire and pink fondant. The Lilies were left off the final cake.

This picture was taken by Abercrombie Photography Call them at: (620)704-1473 or email: to set up an appointment. Check them out on MySpace and

We really hope you guys liked your cake. It was so great creating your cake digitally and then watching it come to life. We hope having black/purple mouths for a little bit was worth it...we think it would be =)...and would make for some fun pictures!

We also created this Notre Dame themed Groom's Cake for Bryan. This was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. The Notre Dame symbol was done in Butter Creme.

Congratulations Stacy & Bryan. Best of luck in your future together!

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