Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vote for us on Love a Local Business!

So, we noticed that a couple other cake people were doing this thing called "Love a Local Business". We saw it a month or so ago, but thought...we don't have time....and would we even have a chance? Well, after reviewing it again we saw that we DO have a chance! It really is LOCAL. Geared towards small business. To read more about this and to vote for us, please go here:

Or just click on the link under our description above.

A small grant would do wonders for us here at the shop. So many things could be updated and we could help the community out so much more! We give as much as we can as it is now we would only love to give more =). Something like this could do that for us.

Right now we need at least 300 votes. Can this happen? YES!!!! We are so excited and can't wait to see how many people will rally for us.

Thank you supporters!