Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lehman & Odle Wedding

Ms. Nelle Odle contacted me one week before her Wedding to Jason Lehman.

I met with Nelle & Jason and we came up with lots of sweets for the reception such as; Chocolate Covered Strawberries, CakeBites, SweetCakes & a Chocolate Fondant Groom's Cake. They were decorating with a lodge/hunting theme at the reception (at Dalton's Event Facility) and wanted something unique to go with the theme. This is what we came up with.

Here are the SweetCakes with hand molded Fondant Deer Antlers and lots of Chocolate Covered Strawberries. We created each antler individually and painted each one by hand to give it a textured look.

This is what the entire Groom's Cake table looked like:

The Groom's Cake was chocolate with chocolate filling and covered in our Chocolate Marshmallow Fondant. We topped the cake with Deer Antlers & trimmed it out in Gun Shells. The cake was elevated on the table by an actual tree trunk. You can see this theme throughout the entire decor. Even at the Candy Bar.

And for table decorations.

The Deer Antlers were also all over in the decorations. Here is a picture of the Wedding Party Table:

We placed the CakeBites on the Wedding Cake Table along with some more Chocolate Covered Strawberries. We didn't have the honor of creating the Wedding Cake (a family member made the beautiful Wedding Cake), but we had fun making all the unique Sweets to go along with it.

We just wanted to thank Nelle and Jason so much for finding us & letting us create such one of a kind Confections for their special day. We hope you and your guests enjoyed them! Congratulations and have a wonderful honeymoon!

Helms Wedding

This magnificent pink & black Wedding Cake was created for Gracie & Jarrod Helms. They actually got married last year but decided to have the official Wedding & Reception this year. By doing this they were able to plan a very special event. The Wedding Reception was held at Parrot Bey here in Pittsburg.

You can reach Brent at Parrot Bey by calling: (620) 232-5665

Parrot Bey is already such a wonderful location for a reception. The Helms made it even better. The decorations were classy & elegant with a splash of funkiness. Pink & Black looked awesome together. Especially on the cake.

The cake was decorated completely in BC frosting with black BC hand piped accents and pink ribbon. The design was inspired from a cake featured in an add for David's Bridal. We adapted the original design & combined it with our own. We think it turned out stunning.

Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek at what the shop is starting to look like!

The floor looks a little dirty because we just go done putting it in. You'll have to wait to see the rest!

We wanted to thank Justin & Ryan for their hard work & expertise. We wouldn't have been able to put the floor in without you guys! THANK YOU!

Sweet First Birthdays

Children's cakes always make for lots of fun...not just for the kid, but for us too! Here is a couple of our favorites from this month so far.

This Bee cake was decorated for Connor Ashmore's very First Birthday! One of our favorite one year olds! His mommy decorated for the party in Baby Einstein. Connor's favorite character from Baby Einstein is the Bee so we cut the bee shape out of our Marshmallow Fondant and then hand painted the Bee onto it. Connor must have liked it because here he is diggin' in.

Oh my gosh! I'm glad we didn't have to clean him up afterwards! Happy First Birthday Connor! We can't wait to do your second birthday cake.

Another First Birthday Cake was for a little girl named Jenna Dawn. Her mommy ordered the cake for her and gave us free reign to do what we wanted. SO, we did a cake to look like a big SweetCake. We carved stacked, round layers to give it a cupcake shape and then frosted it like a SweetCake. The black banner was made from our Marshmallow Fondant.

And, as a gift to Jenna Dawn on her 1st Birthday (something we like to do for all our 1 year olds) we made her a mini SweetCake-Cake to have all to herself.

Here is a picture of her enjoying her very first Birthday Cake sent to us by her mommy.

Thank you to all you Mommy's out there who make your children's First Birthdays so special!

Mallouk Baby Shower

This blissful SweetCake Tower was created for a baby shower for Rania Mallouk. The SweetCakes were topped with cute little yellow & blue dots to match the topper cake. We decorated the topper cake with ButterCream with fondant Blue & Yellow circle accents. The stork was hand painted on a fondant cutout that matched the invitation.

The entire tower was decorated with tulle & ribbon and topped with Hydrangeas from The Little Shop of Flowers, whose website is really cute by the way!

Here is a closeup of the Hand Painted stork.

In addition to the SweetCakes & topper cake we made two cute little blue umbrellas to hold mints.

This is by far one of our favorite Baby Shower confections. Thanks to Chantal for ordering from us & to Melissa for sending her our way! OH, and thanks to Rania for having a baby!

50th Birthday Party Celebration

We created this SweetCake Tower for Kay's (Heather's step-mom) 50th Birthday. Instead of the traditional Black decor we decided to make it fun and celebrate her oldness in style! She loves messing about with her flowers when she isn't quilting. So, we came up with this garden inspired mini topper cake & sweetcakes.

We covered the topper cakes with our Marshmallow Fondant and then used rubber stamps & food coloring to create a flowered pattern on the fondant. This is a new technique we came up with. OR AT LEAST WE THOUGHT we came up with it! After researching we found that you can purchase stamps for decorating cookies. So, our idea is original for decorating cakes...but the idea of using stamps has been done. It was worth a shot! We thought we really had a big idea.

The very tipity top of the topper cake is actually CAKE made to look like a mini flower pot with a flower coming out of the cookie "dirt". We really had fun with this cake. Kay enjoyed it and she had a wonderful birthday party thanks to all of the family.

Back to School

This one-of-a-kind confection was created for a Back to School PSU Communication Department meeting. Grubb's Hall, where the Communication Department is located, will be under construction this semester. It seems Construction is a theme here in Pittsburg these days. But, with construction comes newer & better things for the future. This cake was a humorous attempt to make a frustrating situation just a little sweeter =) before the beginning of the semester.

We took a picture of Grubb's Hall, printed it & then laminated it for the background of the "construction" scene. We did the same for the signs. The banner at the bottom was created with our Marshmallow Fondant. We also baked some Gluten Free/Sugar Free Chocolate SweetCakes to go along with the cake and placed them on a small SweetCake Tower.

Best of luck to the entire Communication Department this semester!

Dunham & Keck Wedding

Although the Dunham & Keck Wedding was last year we just got a picture of the cake. For some reason we were un-able to get a photo of the cake at the time. Our thanks to Jessica for sending it to us.

As usual, the simpler the design, the more elegant the results. Happy belated first Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Keck!

Business Card

Hey everyone! Since the time is nearing for the shop to open we thought we should get an official Business Card. The one we had is okay...but generic. We've created this one. We hope you like it. Please, we are open to suggestions if you have any! Just shoot us an email:

You can now subscribe to our blog. We will eventually switch over to this method so we don't have to send out a message each automatically does it for us. All you have to do is go to our blog: (you should be here now if you are reading this) look on the right hand side of the page under the scary picture of the lady with the knife and enter your email address. This should make it to where you get an email update whenever we post something.

Thanks for reading!!!