Tuesday, July 31, 2007

This & That results...

Well, I hate to say it but...YOU GUYS WERE NO HELP! :) It seems as though everyone likes This & That equally. I guess I'll have to do both. Thank you for your comments!!! Much appreciated. Don't forget, you can subscribe to this blog if you so dare!

Monkey Mania

A woman contacted me a while back about my Monkey cake on CakeCentral.com. She asked if she could use my illustration for a cake she had been asked to make. Of course I said YES! Here is my cake (on the top) and her cake (on the bottom). She did a FANTASTIC job! It turned out very cute for a little girl.

You may view more cakes by Stephanie at: www.myspace.com/kenoshacakelady

Stephanie: Thank you so much for asking to use my confection illustration, and doing it so well!

Monday, July 30, 2007

This or That???

Here you see two types of cake bites. On the top: Original (this). On the bottom: Brand Spankin' New (that). If you were to eat either of these...which one would you rather eat? We are going for the best look here, since you can't actually taste the cake bites through the computer. Leave a comment and let me know which ones you think you like better.

Schedule F Cake

I titled this the Schedule F cake because I work in Financial Aid and a Schedule F is for FARM income on your taxes. Silly huh, but there is a conversation going on about a SCH F as I am typing this. Oh...yeah, I'm at work.

Anyway, I did this sheet cake for an older gentleman's 70th Birthday. His daughter ordered the cake from me and asked that I make it "something farm like with pigs, cows, goats, etc.". So, I did. I used little plastic cupcake sticks of pigs, lambs, cows, chickens, a kitty cat and a puppy dog (not real ones). I piped grass with buttercream frosting up the sides as the trim. I crushed up some chocolate cookies for the dirt under the little piggies and closed off the area with plastic fence. Cute, cute! German Chocolate on the inside. YUMMY.

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Tropics in P-burg

Melissa Sullins....OH, wait, Melissa Dauphin (you are married now!) and her mother Debbie met with me just last week to create a tropical, yet elegant Wedding cake idea. Melissa came to me with a picture of a cake she liked with the scroll work. I showed her a picture of a cake that I liked with the orangy yellowy (are those words?) frosting and we put the two together! This bright tropical dream of a cake matched the decorations at Parrot Bey perfectly! It was highlighted by orange and pink lighting splashed on the walls, colorful orange, green and pink candles, and bright, beautiful Gerber Daisies.
Thank you so much for the opportunity to combine elegance with a little contemporary fun! I love the way this cake turned out.

This photograph was taken by FXSTUDIOS a photography studio here in town. You may find them at: www.fxstudiosonline.com for all your special occasion photography needs.

Melissa also asked me to make these chocolate SweetCakes with chocolate frosting and chocolate covered strawberries! They were sooo gooooey and moist. I hope they tasted as good as they looked! (It was really hard not to eat one when I was setting them up.)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Claws, Paws & Cake...Oh MY!

Town & Country Animal Hospital in Frontenac, Kansas had the ribbon cutting ceremony on their brand new facility Friday July 13th. To add to this event, they asked me to do a sheet cake for them! Thank you Town & Country for giving me the opportunity to make you a cake and for giving me a tour of your state of the art facility where the puppies go to one side and the kitties go to the other! Very unique! I know my family (pets) would appreciate that. I know there were a couple of issues with this cake (darn humidity) but I made it there and even got to be in the picture! Thanks again Town & Country.

If you would like to take your pets to Town & Country Animal Hospital, I'm sure Dr. Micky Painter, Dr. Mary Sue Painter and the staff would be very happy to see you. You may reach them at 620-231-5340. They offer complete medical, surgical & dental services, boarding, grooming, science diet products, I.V.A.S. certified veterinary acupuncturist.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Spiders and Sweetcakes

No, not real spiders! Now that wouldn't be to tasty, would it? Just the fun, loving red and blue kind that fly through the sky and save damsels in distress. Spiderman has definitely made his come back. He is a popular hero in the eyes of babes these days, once again. I made these cupcakes for a little boy named Townes' birthday. I hope he liked them!