Friday, December 12, 2008

Sweets for Santa

Don't be the only one not on Santa's List this Christmas!

Give thanks to the ol' fella with something better than cookies...CAKEBITES! Doesn't Santa deserve a little indulgence this time of year? Start a new tradition. Santa will appreciate it!

Not only are they delicious with Milk but would be even better with Santa's morning Coffee!

Call us today for your order or email us:

620-231-CAKE or

Tis The Season to Give!

Happy Holidays!

SDC is still taking orders for this holiday season. We are offering several options for Gift Wrapped Sweets for that special someone on your Christmas list. Choose from CakeBites, Cookies (mini or reg.), SweetCakes (mini or reg.), Cakes (mini or reg.), Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Tasters and much more. Be sure to check out our website for pictures.

SDC Gift Certificate Cards are also available for the holiday season. These are great when you just can't decide which Sweets to order!

All Gift items will be packaged in boxes, decorative containers or bagged with holiday ribbon and personalized tags.

Call us today to make your order. Get your order in before we are all booked up!

Just a little taste of what we can do (unpacked items):

Wishing you and yours a truly Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Severn & Garrett Wedding

Nothing brings us more joy than making people happy...and if we can accomplish that doing something we love, it makes it even better! Jaclyn Severn contacted us about creating her Wedding Cake. The Wedding was set for Halloween night. I'm fun will that be (wondering to myself if she is willing to do a little something different)?!

Well, it was. We met with Jaclyn, looked at some of the photos of cakes that her and her fiance liked and then we went out on a limb and created a one of a kind design for them with our Wedding Cake Design Pro software and Photoshop. We incorporated the aspects of the other cakes that they liked into our own design. We were SO very delighted to find out that they both loved the idea! We knew they would either love it or hate it. Much to our surprise and appreciation, they loved it. Here is the design:

The "topper" in the digital rendition was more for show, but our idea was to actually use feathers as a topper because they were going to be using feathers for the table centerpieces. They were game, so we created the topper for the actual cake as well and here is how it turned out:

To make things even better one of or favorite photographers: Karissa Herod took the photographs for the Wedding & Reception. or

The Bride and her mother wanted a Comic Book themed Groom's Cake, so here is what we came up with:

The Groom's cake was Classic Chocolate cake with Chocolate BC frosting, covered in Chocolate MMF. The comic book character logos were all hand cut and hand painted.

A week or so after the couple returned from their honeymoon we received an email from them. This is the entire reason we are in the business and when there are difficult days all we have to do is read this email and feel so, so much better!

"I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our wedding cake. It was way more than we ever imagined. Everyone was amazed at how fantastic it looked and how delicious it tasted. We could not have asked for a more perfect wedding cake, it was honestly the best cake I have ever seen. Thank you for doing such a great job and we will definitely recommend you to everyone we know. Good luck at opening your shop, I am sure it will turn out great!!

Thank You,

Mr. and Mrs Garrett"

Thank you Jaclyn & Travis for such an awesome opportunity to showcase our talent and make you, your friends, and family happy!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Girly Sweets for Sweet Girls

Here are some of the girly Sweets we have created in the past couple of months.

Pink equates girl, right? Well this pink cake with Poodle Webkin BC frosting Illustration screams girly! Silvia Wixon ordered a SweetCake Tower for her little girl's birthday party. The theme was a Poodle Webkin (what the heck is a Webkin? Yeah, we had to ask the same question). Aparently, from what we gather, these Webkins are stuffed animals that have a real life with their owner AND a virtual life out in ciber space! Pretty much way over our heads here at SDC. We remember when a stuffed animal was just a stuffed animal...we were delighted when the stuffed animal might smell like cotton candy let alone if the stuffed animal could purchase cotton candy at the carnival in another reality. (we don't know if they can do that...we are just assuming) What will they think of next?

We can only hope that the cake and SweetCakes were one tenth the coolness of a webkin!

Well, even if they aren't as "cool" as the Webkins...we know they at least taste better =)! We formed the edible Pink Bows from our had a slight Strawberry flavor to it! Here are a couple of the kids enjoying the SweetCakes.

And a picture of Silvia with the Birthday Girl, friends & family!

Dora the Explorer is another favorite of all the girlies we know! We created this Dora Themed cake for Candy Noltensmeyer's daughter Alex for her third Birthday.

It was AFTER the cake had been sent with Candy that Roger informed us that the fox is a bag guy and would never be that close to Dora. He said that the fox would steel Dora's Birthday Gift. That just goes to show you that we are not up on our popular cartoons these days! Maybe we should do a little research on Sat. mornings? Like the good old days when that was all we had to worry about...watching cartoons! Even though the monkey should have been beside Dora we hope Alex enjoyed her birthday cake anyway!

As you all know, October was Breast Cancer Awareness month. So, the ladies of the "Sip & Shop" teamed up with Mt. Carmel to sip a little and shop a little to raise a little money for breast cancer. The Sip & Shop was a huge success for all who were involved. We raised over $1,000 for Mt. Carmel's Breast Cancer Foundation that will go toward the education of Breast Cancer for underprivileged women & families. Maybe you'll see the Mammo-Van in your area in the future!

Here are the Sweet goodies we made for the Sip & Shop:

An array of CakeBites and individually wrapped Pink Bra (a.k.a "boobie") cookies, as some of the ladies liked to call them.

We had a lot of fun at the Sip & Shop and can not wait for next year!

Belated Boy Birthdays

Belated because it has taken us SO, SO long to post them! Sorry guys and gals! We've just been so busy creating your cakes we haven't had the time to set down at the computer to share them with everyone. But, now that the holidays are just around the corner and everyone is watching the budget we can catch our breath (at least until the holidays) and send out some of our favorites from the last month or so of Boy's Birthday Cakes.

Here is a CARS themed cake ordered by the Jameson's for their little boys 1st Birthday:

This CARS themed cake was covered in our MMF and accented with MMF. We really enjoyed creating this one!!!

Here is a first for us: a Power Rangers cake

We decorated this cake for Will to match his birthday invitations created by Christel Benson ( The entire cake was Will's idea...we just added a few extra touches of our own. Happy Birthday Will!

Because he is a BOY and we already mentioned Christel we thought we would throw in this adorable picture of Mason Benson (one of our newest customers). He's sporting an SDC Onsie with our logo on it that we gave to his mommy as a shower gift. He's doing a wonderful modeling job!

He isn't a cake...but he is as cute as a SweetCake!

I don't think you can get anymore Boy than Star Wars SweetCakes. Chantal Maji asked us to create these one of a kind, hand shaped, hand painted Star Wars SweetCakes for her son's Birthday.

We really had to do our research for this project. We have NEVER seen Star Wars. Of course we have knowledge of it but we had to search the Internet for the names of each character, etc. so we would know what we were doing. Since these suckers took us so long to create we think it calls for two pictures!

A closeup of the R2D2 SweetCakes. Each character with the exception of Chewbacca was formed with MMF and free-hand painted with edible coloring.

These Football Cookies are also all boy!

Thanks to Sarah Jo for the order!

And to keep in the sports theme these Sports ball SweetCakes were sent to school with Chantal's boy for his school birthday party.

For another little boys birthday we created Pirate Themed cookies and SweetCakes. Maybe you remember Prince Sylar's first birthday party sweets? If not, you can find them in our archives. This year it was Pirate Sylar! Here are his tasty sweets:

And here are the Pirate cookies:

Each of these photos were taken by Sylar's mommy: Nicole Sammons. She did an awesome job! Nicole take photos on the side if anyone is in need of family portraits, senior pics, etc. she can do them for a very reasonable price! Just give her a call: (620) 687-1161

For the last boy cake in this category we graduate to a Man cake. We didn't want to put him all alone in his own category. This cake was ordered from Vanessa Seward as a gift for her father at CDL Electric. She wanted a pocket watch and a smoking pipe.

We carved the pipe from a round cake and covered all of the cakes in our MMF. We then hand painted the face of the pocket watch and the gold around the sides. We formed the winder at the top of the watch from MMF and made the gold chain. We thought this was really fun and everyone at CDL seemed to really enjoy it. Thanks for thinking of us Vanessa!

So, that concludes our stroll through birthday boy land this time. Stay tuned for Belated Girly Cakes!

Kranker & Foster Wedding

This Wedding was extra special to SDC! One of our very best friends: Holly Kranker is the sister to the groom (the guy on the right in the picture above). Not only did Holly get to come visit for the week, she also aided us in creating this awesome Wedding Cake and Groom's Cake for Kristi & Dallas. There is always a little extra fun in the SDC kitchen when Holly is around =) (lets all beg her to move back to p-burg)

Since Holly and I wanted to create the Groom's cake as a gift to the Bride and Groom we did the baking and Holly did most of the decorating with a little of our help of course. It was hilarious to watch how precise she was with each piece of dirt (crushed up cookies of course) and water (BC frosting). Check out her magnificent masterpiece:

And here is one with Holly & the cake...both all spiffed up for their Wedding debut:

And, finally, the centerpiece...the Wedding Cake!

The leaf pattern that you see on each tier of the cake was first drawn by the Bride, then scanned into the computer by us, made into a digital image, re-sized and made into a digital rendition of what the cake might look like:

Then the leaf was printed out, cut into a stencil and then piped onto the cake in a dark brown BC frosting. Sounds like a lot of steps huh? Well...isn't it worth it! This was a fun cake and an all together great experience. Thanks for coming up with the wonderful idea Kristi and letting us play with it with our digital software!

Congratulations to the entire Kranker family for adding to the family! We know Kristi & Dallas will have a wonderful new life together!

Ard & Bloesser Wedding

Sweet couple, sweet Wedding sight, sweet weather and SweetCake Tower! We absolutely loved everything about Melanie and Seth's Wedding SweetCake Tower. We traveled all the way to Uniontown to set up their tower at Rosie's Cabin, a wonderful location for a Wedding and reception:

This is a picture we swiped from their website:

The reception hall sets at the top of a hill overlooking the small dock and pond below. This location is beautiful for every season and we always enjoy the trip over.

Melanie & Seth wanted a simple but elegant way to serve their cake so we did a Wedding SweetCake Tower for them.

The tower consisted of Spiced Up and Classic Chocolate SweetCakes with BC frosting. Each SweetCake was adorned with a Fondant Maple Leaf to match the Fall Theme of the Reception. The SweetCake Tower was topped with a 8 in Round and 4 in Square, stacked accented with Ribbon and leaves.

What a wonderful way to top off such a sweet day. Thank you Melanie and Seth! We can't wait to work with you again in the future.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Smith & Bennefeld Wedding

This happy couple was also married in October. They tied the knot on the Eleventh and had their reception right here in Pittsburg.

With the help of one of their daughters we put the final touches (the leaves) on the Wedding cake and completed the beautiful decorations at the reception.

Thank you for finding us and letting us be a part of your special day!

Hull & Hill Wedding

When Lauren (the bride to be) first contacted us about creating her Wedding Cake she told us that she wanted three cakes. A Groom's Cake, a Bride's Cake, and a Wedding Cake. Now, I was a little awed by this because typically the Wedding Cake is the Bride's cake. But, we always love new things! So, we went with it. Since Lauren is such a huge Longhorn fan we created a cake in the shape of the Longhorn logo covered in MMF just for her. Now, whether she shared her cake with anyone...we don't know =).

And for Vincent, the lover of all things Ferrari (a talented mechanic), we created a cake in the shape of the Ferrari emblem and hand piped the logo on MMF.

Now for the Wedding Cake. They both wanted something simple but elegant. Here is what we came up with and we managed to make all of these uncommon themes come together.

Much to our delight the couple loved all three of their cakes just as much as we enjoyed creating them.

We stole this pic off of their myspace page. Congratulations you two!

McWhirt & VanBecelaere Wedding

Fall Weddings are very popular these days and rightfully so. For every Fall Wedding we created Sweets for the weather was just beautiful. One of the Weddings was that of Amber McWhirt & Jason VanBecelaere. We didn't have to travel too far for this Wedding Cake, only to Frontenac.

This Square Wedding Cake consisted of Classic Vanilla and Strawberry Yumm Cake all covered in our BC frosting. We accented the cake with edible hand made MMF leaves that were painted to match the hand crafted wooden topper at the top of the cake (painted by the bride). The Wedding Cake was placed on top of clear glass blocks that were illuminated with lights. The inspiration of the cake came from a drawing done by Amber herself. This simple but timeless fall themed cake was perfect for their October Wedding.

Congratulations Amber & Jason! We wish you lots of love and many, many happy years together!

Baker & Fuentez Wedding

What a beautiful day for a fall wedding. We traveled South West in October to Parsons, KS to sweeten up the Wedding Reception of Halee Baker and John Fuentez. We created this large SweetCake Tower for the couple along with a Poker/Vegas inspired Groom's Cake.

The Tower was embellished with ribbon and floral pearls. The SweetCakes consisted of "Spiced Up" with CreamCheese frosting, Classic Vanilla & Classic Chocolate with BC frosting. The topper cake was a dummy cake with a real SweetCake on top for the cutting of the cake. This tower of sweets turned out almost as gorgeous as the bride!

Picture of Halee & John by their photographer.

The Groom's Cake was created especially for John from Halee with a card table theme and messages about the two. After all, they did honeymoon in Vegas! The cake was Classic Chocolate with Chocolate BC frosting & Chocolate MMF adorned with Poker Chips and Dice. The cards were made from MMF with their initials and hearts hand painted.

Thank you John & Halee for being such a wonderful happy couple! It was a pleasure to work with you. We wish you all the best in your new married life together.

It's Turkey Time!

Who has time these days to make every single traditional food item for your holiday meal? Take a load off, spend more time with family and let us provide our traditional recipe, home-baked pies! We offer a variety of flavors. These Gourmet Pies look amazing and taste just as good. Your friends and family will think you spent hours and hours on them and we wont tell!

(These photos were taken off the web)

Our pies are fully decorated (stars, leaves, lattice, etc) and ready to serve for your special holiday meal. Call us today for your order! 620-231-CAKE

We also offer other Seasonal Sweets:

Pumpkin & Spice CakeBites (and all other flavors as well)
Pumpkin SweetCakes with CreamCheese Frosting
Cranberry SweetCakes with CreamCheese Frosting

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lehman & Odle Wedding

Ms. Nelle Odle contacted me one week before her Wedding to Jason Lehman.

I met with Nelle & Jason and we came up with lots of sweets for the reception such as; Chocolate Covered Strawberries, CakeBites, SweetCakes & a Chocolate Fondant Groom's Cake. They were decorating with a lodge/hunting theme at the reception (at Dalton's Event Facility) and wanted something unique to go with the theme. This is what we came up with.

Here are the SweetCakes with hand molded Fondant Deer Antlers and lots of Chocolate Covered Strawberries. We created each antler individually and painted each one by hand to give it a textured look.

This is what the entire Groom's Cake table looked like:

The Groom's Cake was chocolate with chocolate filling and covered in our Chocolate Marshmallow Fondant. We topped the cake with Deer Antlers & trimmed it out in Gun Shells. The cake was elevated on the table by an actual tree trunk. You can see this theme throughout the entire decor. Even at the Candy Bar.

And for table decorations.

The Deer Antlers were also all over in the decorations. Here is a picture of the Wedding Party Table:

We placed the CakeBites on the Wedding Cake Table along with some more Chocolate Covered Strawberries. We didn't have the honor of creating the Wedding Cake (a family member made the beautiful Wedding Cake), but we had fun making all the unique Sweets to go along with it.

We just wanted to thank Nelle and Jason so much for finding us & letting us create such one of a kind Confections for their special day. We hope you and your guests enjoyed them! Congratulations and have a wonderful honeymoon!