Monday, November 17, 2008

Belated Boy Birthdays

Belated because it has taken us SO, SO long to post them! Sorry guys and gals! We've just been so busy creating your cakes we haven't had the time to set down at the computer to share them with everyone. But, now that the holidays are just around the corner and everyone is watching the budget we can catch our breath (at least until the holidays) and send out some of our favorites from the last month or so of Boy's Birthday Cakes.

Here is a CARS themed cake ordered by the Jameson's for their little boys 1st Birthday:

This CARS themed cake was covered in our MMF and accented with MMF. We really enjoyed creating this one!!!

Here is a first for us: a Power Rangers cake

We decorated this cake for Will to match his birthday invitations created by Christel Benson ( The entire cake was Will's idea...we just added a few extra touches of our own. Happy Birthday Will!

Because he is a BOY and we already mentioned Christel we thought we would throw in this adorable picture of Mason Benson (one of our newest customers). He's sporting an SDC Onsie with our logo on it that we gave to his mommy as a shower gift. He's doing a wonderful modeling job!

He isn't a cake...but he is as cute as a SweetCake!

I don't think you can get anymore Boy than Star Wars SweetCakes. Chantal Maji asked us to create these one of a kind, hand shaped, hand painted Star Wars SweetCakes for her son's Birthday.

We really had to do our research for this project. We have NEVER seen Star Wars. Of course we have knowledge of it but we had to search the Internet for the names of each character, etc. so we would know what we were doing. Since these suckers took us so long to create we think it calls for two pictures!

A closeup of the R2D2 SweetCakes. Each character with the exception of Chewbacca was formed with MMF and free-hand painted with edible coloring.

These Football Cookies are also all boy!

Thanks to Sarah Jo for the order!

And to keep in the sports theme these Sports ball SweetCakes were sent to school with Chantal's boy for his school birthday party.

For another little boys birthday we created Pirate Themed cookies and SweetCakes. Maybe you remember Prince Sylar's first birthday party sweets? If not, you can find them in our archives. This year it was Pirate Sylar! Here are his tasty sweets:

And here are the Pirate cookies:

Each of these photos were taken by Sylar's mommy: Nicole Sammons. She did an awesome job! Nicole take photos on the side if anyone is in need of family portraits, senior pics, etc. she can do them for a very reasonable price! Just give her a call: (620) 687-1161

For the last boy cake in this category we graduate to a Man cake. We didn't want to put him all alone in his own category. This cake was ordered from Vanessa Seward as a gift for her father at CDL Electric. She wanted a pocket watch and a smoking pipe.

We carved the pipe from a round cake and covered all of the cakes in our MMF. We then hand painted the face of the pocket watch and the gold around the sides. We formed the winder at the top of the watch from MMF and made the gold chain. We thought this was really fun and everyone at CDL seemed to really enjoy it. Thanks for thinking of us Vanessa!

So, that concludes our stroll through birthday boy land this time. Stay tuned for Belated Girly Cakes!

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