Monday, November 17, 2008

Kranker & Foster Wedding

This Wedding was extra special to SDC! One of our very best friends: Holly Kranker is the sister to the groom (the guy on the right in the picture above). Not only did Holly get to come visit for the week, she also aided us in creating this awesome Wedding Cake and Groom's Cake for Kristi & Dallas. There is always a little extra fun in the SDC kitchen when Holly is around =) (lets all beg her to move back to p-burg)

Since Holly and I wanted to create the Groom's cake as a gift to the Bride and Groom we did the baking and Holly did most of the decorating with a little of our help of course. It was hilarious to watch how precise she was with each piece of dirt (crushed up cookies of course) and water (BC frosting). Check out her magnificent masterpiece:

And here is one with Holly & the cake...both all spiffed up for their Wedding debut:

And, finally, the centerpiece...the Wedding Cake!

The leaf pattern that you see on each tier of the cake was first drawn by the Bride, then scanned into the computer by us, made into a digital image, re-sized and made into a digital rendition of what the cake might look like:

Then the leaf was printed out, cut into a stencil and then piped onto the cake in a dark brown BC frosting. Sounds like a lot of steps huh? Well...isn't it worth it! This was a fun cake and an all together great experience. Thanks for coming up with the wonderful idea Kristi and letting us play with it with our digital software!

Congratulations to the entire Kranker family for adding to the family! We know Kristi & Dallas will have a wonderful new life together!

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