Monday, November 17, 2008

Girly Sweets for Sweet Girls

Here are some of the girly Sweets we have created in the past couple of months.

Pink equates girl, right? Well this pink cake with Poodle Webkin BC frosting Illustration screams girly! Silvia Wixon ordered a SweetCake Tower for her little girl's birthday party. The theme was a Poodle Webkin (what the heck is a Webkin? Yeah, we had to ask the same question). Aparently, from what we gather, these Webkins are stuffed animals that have a real life with their owner AND a virtual life out in ciber space! Pretty much way over our heads here at SDC. We remember when a stuffed animal was just a stuffed animal...we were delighted when the stuffed animal might smell like cotton candy let alone if the stuffed animal could purchase cotton candy at the carnival in another reality. (we don't know if they can do that...we are just assuming) What will they think of next?

We can only hope that the cake and SweetCakes were one tenth the coolness of a webkin!

Well, even if they aren't as "cool" as the Webkins...we know they at least taste better =)! We formed the edible Pink Bows from our had a slight Strawberry flavor to it! Here are a couple of the kids enjoying the SweetCakes.

And a picture of Silvia with the Birthday Girl, friends & family!

Dora the Explorer is another favorite of all the girlies we know! We created this Dora Themed cake for Candy Noltensmeyer's daughter Alex for her third Birthday.

It was AFTER the cake had been sent with Candy that Roger informed us that the fox is a bag guy and would never be that close to Dora. He said that the fox would steel Dora's Birthday Gift. That just goes to show you that we are not up on our popular cartoons these days! Maybe we should do a little research on Sat. mornings? Like the good old days when that was all we had to worry about...watching cartoons! Even though the monkey should have been beside Dora we hope Alex enjoyed her birthday cake anyway!

As you all know, October was Breast Cancer Awareness month. So, the ladies of the "Sip & Shop" teamed up with Mt. Carmel to sip a little and shop a little to raise a little money for breast cancer. The Sip & Shop was a huge success for all who were involved. We raised over $1,000 for Mt. Carmel's Breast Cancer Foundation that will go toward the education of Breast Cancer for underprivileged women & families. Maybe you'll see the Mammo-Van in your area in the future!

Here are the Sweet goodies we made for the Sip & Shop:

An array of CakeBites and individually wrapped Pink Bra (a.k.a "boobie") cookies, as some of the ladies liked to call them.

We had a lot of fun at the Sip & Shop and can not wait for next year!

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