Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sweet First Birthdays

Children's cakes always make for lots of fun...not just for the kid, but for us too! Here is a couple of our favorites from this month so far.

This Bee cake was decorated for Connor Ashmore's very First Birthday! One of our favorite one year olds! His mommy decorated for the party in Baby Einstein. Connor's favorite character from Baby Einstein is the Bee so we cut the bee shape out of our Marshmallow Fondant and then hand painted the Bee onto it. Connor must have liked it because here he is diggin' in.

Oh my gosh! I'm glad we didn't have to clean him up afterwards! Happy First Birthday Connor! We can't wait to do your second birthday cake.

Another First Birthday Cake was for a little girl named Jenna Dawn. Her mommy ordered the cake for her and gave us free reign to do what we wanted. SO, we did a cake to look like a big SweetCake. We carved stacked, round layers to give it a cupcake shape and then frosted it like a SweetCake. The black banner was made from our Marshmallow Fondant.

And, as a gift to Jenna Dawn on her 1st Birthday (something we like to do for all our 1 year olds) we made her a mini SweetCake-Cake to have all to herself.

Here is a picture of her enjoying her very first Birthday Cake sent to us by her mommy.

Thank you to all you Mommy's out there who make your children's First Birthdays so special!

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