Thursday, June 05, 2008

Boswell & Rons Wedding

This beautifully classic Wedding Cake was created for Joy and Barry. They knew exactly what they wanted when I first met with them...well, almost. Only a couple minor changes. Here is the digital rendition:

And this is how it turned out in real life:

We had a great time creating this cake. We had to make a small adjustment when we were setting up the cake because the topper was slightly smaller than expected, but the ladies at the reception sight were very kind and helpful. You guys have some great friends and family!

When dealing with cake, you have to expect the unexpected and be prepared sometimes to do a little MacGyver work (yes, I watched that show when it was on, don't laugh). I always have an emergency bag with me when I set up and a few tricks up my sleeve if I need to use them. If anyone watches The Ace of Cakes, then you know what we mean. BUT, thank god, our cakes DO NOT fall apart like his do! Ours always turn out great, no matter what the problem.

Thank you two so much for choosing us to create your wedding cake. We hope you have a wonderful life in California! Please, next time you are down our way, stop in and say hello (hopefully we will be open =)...hah!). Eat some good cake while you are there though...they have awesome bakeries!

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