Thursday, June 05, 2008

Cott & Newell Wedding

It is the start of that crazy time of year...Wedding Season! What better way to start off the season than with this awesome wedding cake? Yes, to some of you, you will not believe your eyes. Those who are stuck in the old school of Wedding Cake thought will think this cake is a little out there. But, for you funky Brides, and wanna be funky Brides, you will love this. A classic 3 Tier, Round, Stacked with a twist on color.

Molly, the Bride, also presented me with a taste challenge. She wanted Lime Green, Cherry MMF (our home made Marshmallow Fondant) covering a Classic Vanilla cake with a Marshmallow Fluff filling (cherry flavored as well). Talk about messy! But OH SO YUMMY! You see, Molly doesn't really like the traditional frosting and didn't even want a filling. But, everyone knows, a Wedding cake has 3 layers of filling within each tier and it just didn't seem right for there to be nothing there. So, we came up with the Marshmallow Fluff filling. It was a huge mess while we were construction the cake (very sticky) but it turned out in the end. We love experimenting, so this was an especially fun cake.

Molly didn't limit her creativity to the cake. She went all out with the decor as well. These were our favorite, and a very smart/inexpensive Wedding favor:

She, and I'm sure many friends and family, wrapped chocolates that you can purchase at any store with address labels that she printed with a picture of the couple and the date. What a smart cookie!

The Bridal Cake was quit an eye catcher all alone, but Molly wanted her man to have something just as great. We created this Oakland Raiders Groom's Cake for the Groom. The surprise was in the cake. It was a PB & J Cake. YES, Peanut Butter and Jelly cake. Who doesn't like PB & J? We covered the entire cake with Peanut Butter and put a layer of jelly as the filling and then coated it with matching MMF. This Groom's cake was definitely one of a kind!

Congratulations Molly & Bo! Thank you for letting us be a part of your life! Good luck in your future!

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