Thursday, March 27, 2008

Who is that man in the apron? Mmmmm?

Well, that is ROGER! But better yet...who is that pesky rabbit on the counter? That's gotta be some type of health violation. We didn't even see the bunny rabbit sitting there! Darn Rabbit! I thought Rabbit's ate carrots or something...not cookies. (oh, I could go on for hours about this. I don't like Rabbit's who steal cookies when your not looking. Bakers beware of cookie thievin' Rabbits!)

Anyway, some how I conned Roger into helping me decorate the Easter cookies we took to his parents house. (I'm pretty good at conning him into things, just ask him).

And here is the final result:

These turned out so cute. We are calling them Petite Cookiewiches. They didn't last 2 minutes on the plate after we walked in the door. And just so his mom knows...he even rolled the dough and cut some out too!

For those of you who are getting married...these petite cookiewiches would make adorable favors for your guests. We can make them in any color! (Who knows...I might even con Roger into helping me again!)

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