Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bridal Spectacular

Here are some pictures from the Bridal Spectacular I participated in last weekend. The Spectacular was located inside Memorial Auditorium's Convention Center. They asked me to have a small setup in their space at the Bridal fair. Thank you guys!!! What a great opportunity for me. I really appreciate it.

Memorial Auditorium is located at 503 N Pine St. in Pittsburg, Kansas

Or Call them at:(620) 231-7827

You can also find them on the web at:

I would also like to thank Lisa Gilmore from Caylx Custom Floral & Interiors. She designed a one of a kind cake topper of fresh flowers for the SweetCake Wedding Tower. Thank you Lisa! I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Caylx is located at: 1103 E 4th St. in Pittsburg, Kansas

Or Call: (620) 230-0800

I created this crazy SweetCake Wedding Tower for display at the Bridal Spectacular and gave out CakeBites for all the Brides to try. All participants enjoyed them as well.

The Bridal Spectacular was a huge success for Sweet Designs Cakery. We were even spotted in the Morning Sun Newspaper! Check it out at:

Thank you to all the hard workers at the Bridal Spectacular! Good luck to all the Bride and Grooms out there on their upcoming Weddings.


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