Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sweets for your Sweeties

Yes ladies and gents, it is that time once again! Valentines day. The day you either loath or love! It is approaching rapidly. This year, Sweet Designs Cakery chooses to "love" love and embrace the holiday.

We have already started taking Valentine's Day Sweet orders. SO, you better jump on the "love train" and get your order in A.S.A.P.

There are several options for ordering your Valentine Sweets. If your loved one is on a diet still (if they haven't given up the first week after the new year) then you can either demand that they forget their diet for the big holiday or order a smaller quantity. Heck...just order a large order and eat them yourself!

You can order an entire Bucket O' CakeBites that will set you back $18, a small heart bag that costs $5, a mini silver heart with mini cookies for $3, etc. etc. etc. We have ANY size for ANY budget! Just email us and let us know what you would like for your sweetie. All sweet cheeks deserve a Happy Valentines. Also available: SweetCakes, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Decorated Cookies, etc.

Don't forget your mommies boys! Wasn't she your first love?

CALL: 620-231-CAKE

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