Monday, August 04, 2008

Washburn & Sodowsky Wedding

Laura Washburn and Roland Sodowsky were married on July 26th after 13 years of courtship. We were elated to be the ones to create the Wedding Cake. Laura wanted it to be simple & classic but she wanted the flavors to all be different and tasty.

The top two tiers were Vanilla Pecan with a CreamCheese Pecan filling. The third tier was Dark Chocolate cake with a Raspberry filling & CreamCheese frosting. And the last tier consisted of Carrot Cake with a CreamCheese filling & frosting.

This classic cake was topped with a small "Old Fashioned" or "vintage" Bride & Groom given to Laura by her aunt. The cake & topper fit hand in hand.

We think this is our new favorite Wedding Cake. It doesn't get much better than simple & classy. It is fun to bring back vintage looks. Thank you Laura & Roland we absolutely loved creating your Wedding Cake (eating it too)!

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