Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pink and Purple Fun...all in one!

Yeah, I titles are getting a little too silly, even for me.

I constructed this two tier cake for my mother-in-law and my niece-in-law. That sounds sooo strange (is niece-in-law even a word?).

Anyway, it was both of their b-days so my sister-in-law asked that I do a cake for the two of them. I used curly ribbon as the topper, strawberry milkshake whoppers for the border, and finished it off with pink and purple frosting. The kids really liked the fact, I think that might have been all they ate! When I cut it, the purple and pink filling stood out against the chocolate cake. It was very cute.

I did have competition however...the neighbors brought over "Better than Sex" cake. How can I compete with that? It is...exactly what it is called. I'll have to come up with an EVEN BETTER than sex cake! That might be too much for everyone to handle. Hold on to your boot straps! :)

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