Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sip & Shop

You might be asking yourself, "What in the heck is a Sip & Shop?" Well, it's pretty simple, you sip (a beverage) and you shop! A group of local ladies got together and created this wonderful event. Several women who have side businesses (listed below) all gathered in one location (including myself). They each invited guests to the function. The guests arrived, signed in, got name tags then proceeded to walk around to the different stations set up by the business women. They got to try on jewelry, bags, look at stationary, eat yummy food and sweets. If they saw something they liked, they bought it! It was a wonderful networking opportunity for myself and the other ladies! All of the products offered were VERY classy. I felt out of place! Thank you ladies for inviting me!

These were a few things that I offered at the Sip & Shop. I had several platters of Cake Bites also...they took center stage all on their own of course!

From left to right: Chocolate Covered Spice Cookies, Sugar Cookies & Chocolate Covered Pretzels with Almonds

Here are the other ladies that participated:

Cyndee's Accents- cyndee_harvey@hotmail.com

Funxionology (Christel Benson)- funxionology.com/eyecandy.html or christel@funxionology.com 620.687.3560

Boxes of Joy (Kayla Joy) Gourmet Lunch Delivery- boxesofjoy.com or lunch@boxesofjoy.com 620.231.9230

Alberta Ellen Creations (Janet Nichols) "One of a kind, handmade creations"- JanetLNichols@sbcglobal.net 620.365.5251

(I will be adding the others shortly...i have to get the information.)

I almost forgot:
THANK YOU JANET FOR HOSTING THIS FABULOUS EVENT! Your home is amazing and your little boy is the cutest! Thanks.

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