Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Clevenger & Sprague Wedding

Talk about one of a kind! This camo/hunting inspired Wedding Cake surely caught the attention of everyone at the reception. This three tier, round, stacked cake was covered in our MMF and then hand painted for the camo effect on each tier. It was placed on top of two hunks of tree trunk to add height and drama to the center piece.

To top off this cake, the Bride and Groom purchased a Wilton Cake Topper but made it their own by adding a shotgun, tree branches and a small Coleman lantern to it. They even bought a Four Wheeler for us to add to the side along with a deer and fence.

The Groom's Cake pictured above was created to signify the Bride and Groom's Red H2 Hummer.

Thank you for this fun cake. Everyone is STILL comenting about everytime they see it!

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