Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spriggs and Volmer Wedding

All the way back in December we created this very classy, elegant Wedding Cake for Cara Spriggs and Brock Volmer to celebrate their special day with friends and family.

The cake was as stunning as the rest of their magical day. Here are some photographs courtesy of SilverDoves Photography & Design (www.silverdoves.com).

A shot of the Bride and Groom before the reception.

A shot of the couple thinking about digging into the cake!

The beautiful cake table display.

Cara and Brock exchanging their first piece of cake together.

Here is a photo of the cake that we took.

Thank you for making your first piece of cake an SDC creation! Best wishes to you both!

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Anonymous said...

Great Cake but Divorced. Take pictures of couple down please.