Thursday, July 23, 2009

Krenzel & O'Sullivan Wedding

Most of our Weddings are a lot of fun, but getting to work with a friend is even better. Not only are you excited because they are getting married, but they tend to let you have a little more input some times. Abby Krenzel and Tommy O'Sullivan decided to get hitched over a year ago. Abby made several trips to Pittsburg from Springfield to plan for the wedding, hang out with the girls and of course...taste cake! I think she tried something new every time she came to the shop =). A perk for us and a perk for her! She was even dreaming about cake before the wedding! I'm just glad we were her cake baker even in her dreams.

After a lot of discussion and looking around Abby and Tommy picked out a few pictures of cakes that they liked the style of. Each cake they chose was simple and elegant with not a lot of decoration. So, knowing that they would have a ton of people to feed we came up with a sketch of a cake that we thought would be beautiful. Here it is:

But we weren't entirely happy with this sketch and neither was Abby. So, we did this one:

We both liked this one better, but didn't like the monogram. So, after discussion of size, etc. the final cake came out like this:

The Wedding Cake was accompanied by EXTRA LARGE CakeBites with hand made Shamrocks to represent the Groom's family heritage. The swimming pool at the reception was even in the shape of a shamrock!

Believe it or not we had to carry this cake, already stacked & decorated out of the house, down some stairs, through people, chairs and tables and onto the Wedding Cake table! It was very stressful, but we made it and it all looked fantastic! We think the couple enjoyed it as well:

And after all the stress of the wedding was over we all had a blast in the photo booth that they rented:

I don't think I could have taken a worse picture, but Abby looks great!

And so do all the girls!

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