Thursday, July 23, 2009

Armstrong & Powers Wedding

What can I say? Erica and Kyle are two of the best people i've met in this business. They are, as a couple, one reason I love my job. They were so fun to work with during the tasting/design stage of their Wedding Cake. We took inspiration from some Damask fabric that Erica and her mother purchased for the reception tables. I came up with a few different digital mock ups of their cake. Here are a couple of them:

A round version with just black and white and pieces taken from the pattern.

A square version with the same idea, just switching up the pattern a bit. And then with Erica's input we added the dark purple ribbon and switched up the pattern again to come up with the final mock up:

So, from this mock up we made our patterns, hand piped each and every little piece of edible frosting that would dry for one week and then be placed on the cake. Here is how it turned out:

We absolutely loved making this cake. We think Martha Stewart would be proud! Erica was so creative herself she even helped make the monogram that is at the top of the cake. She had her friend make the letter A who works at A & O Signs and Graphics here in Pittsburg, then she glued the black sparkling rhinestones to give it some pizazz. We think it turned out great!

And for fun Erica had us create this Groom's Cake for Kyle as a surprise. He loves the bad guys on the movie Karate Kid so we hand painted the Cobra Kai logo on his cake.

The Wedding Cake was Classic Vanilla with Dark Chocolate filling and the Groom's Cake was Classic Chocolate with a Coconut Pecan filling. Erica said that everyone loved it and ate it right up! Thank you guys for being so much fun to work with! Best of luck in your future!

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