Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stover & Mcnally Wedding

Stephanie and Rusty contacted us through MYSPACE ( and we started planning their Wedding Cake. The couple decided to go to Eureka Springs to get married and come back and have their reception at The Kitchen Pass in Joplin, MO. Probably a lot less stressful! Here is a sketch of what we came up with for them at first:

We used the paisley pattern that they liked and their colors. Of course we changed the M to an S =) for Stover and made a couple other adjustments. They were confident enough to let us choose the colors of the cake since we couldn't show them a digital mock up (our program was on the fritz). We used Gum Paste Tiger Lilies to add a little more excitement to the cake. Here is how it turned out.

It was bright and fun just like the married couple! From what I hear Stephanie has some Converse shoes similar to what the cake looks like? We would love to see those some day!

Thank you guys for such a fun and elegant cake!

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