Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Colyer & Logan Wedding

Whitney and Drew came to us a while back asking if we do those funky shaped cakes like our logo. And, of course, we said YES! We were very excited for someone to finally ask if we do them. They are called topsy turvy cakes and we love them! Not only are they pretty cool looking but they are a lot of fun to make.

After several discussions and a few changes in plans we came up with a sketch for the couple using ideas from other cakes and taking inspiration from their Wedding Invitations. Here is what we first came up with:

Here is the second rendition of the cake using their invitations. We really liked this one and so did they:

So, we created the real deal:

The main frosting on the cake was our BC and the accents like the stripes, polka dots and love birds were done in our MMF. We covered a dummy cake in the same ivory color to give the cake some height.

Now for all you J-Hawk fans out there, we created this KU Groom's Cake for Drew.

Best of luck to you love birds in the future! Thanks for letting us make such a fun cake!

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