Monday, August 24, 2009

Taylor & Colgrove Wedding Cake

Amanda and Kyler were married on Aug. 8th, 2009 in Galena, KS. It was a beautiful drive to the reception site, even if we thought we were lost =). But, we found it just fine and even on time! The entire reception was decked out in reds, blacks, damask patterns and Cherry Blossoms, just like the Wedding Cake. It was all so beautiful and such a wonderful day for an out door reception.

Even though Amanda gave us pictures of cakes that she liked we decided to do up a sketch so that we would know exactly where we wanted to place the Cherry Blossoms along each tier of the cake.

This was a good idea, so when we started decorating, we knew just how we wanted it to look. I always thought my painting instructor was crazy for making us sketch over fifty sketches for just one painting...but now I get it. You get a feel for the movement of the objects and when you start actual making your final product it is easier. Those professors do know what they are doing some times =).