Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Smith & Thornton Wedding

Christy and Kevin Smith were married on July 18th of this year. They celebrated their marriage at the Parrot Bey Reception Hall here in downtown Pittsburg. We were able to find a picture of the happy couple in the Morning Sun newspaper.

Some of you might recognize Kevin...but lets hope you haven't seen him too much! He's a patrol officer at the Pittsburg Police Department. To acknowledge Kevin's career and to have a little fun Christy wanted to incorporate hand cuffs into their Wedding Cake. So, she found a topper and a little hand cuff key chain. We put the hand cuff around the groom's neck on the topper and piped a set of handcuffs onto the bottom tier of the Wedding Cake.

This just shows that you can be elegant and have fun at the same time. We kept the cake very simple taking inspiration from a hexagon cake found on the KNOT.com and added a little life to it with the handcuffs. Thank you guys for having a since of humor. We know you will have many laughs together in the future.

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