Monday, August 03, 2009

Petroski & Garcia

This Wedding Reception took place at the Holiday Inn in Joplin, MO. The Bride and Groom knew exactly what they wanted when they contacted us and we were happy to do it for them. Sonya, the bride, wanted a simple and elegant cake with Blue Gumpaste Hydrangea flowers and silver edible ribbon. She also wanted a 3D Jeep for her soon to be hubby. The Wedding Cake turned out gorgeous. We believe it was inspired by a cake featured on the KNOT?

Sonya gave us a picture of the jeep for us to work from. The Groom's cake was a lot of fun to make!

We had to take several pictures of it because it was so cool.

After the wedding they told us that no one wanted to cut into it. Some even thought it was a toy jeep. Well, it was no toy! It was ALL Cake! Everything on the Jeep was edible, even the tires. Thank you guys for giving us the opportunity to show our 3D mad skills =). We might not be the "Cake Boss" but we do know how to boss a little cake around once in a while ;).

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Sonya Petroski said...

Thanks so much! We loved the cakes and they tasted wonderful! They both exceeded our expectations and were so beautiful. You all are awesome. When we were looking for a baker you were the only ones around that could give us the cakes we wanted! Thanks again! Since our wedding I have had friends that were planning a wedding and I always tell them to go to Sweet Designs!